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If stained, yellow teeth are affecting your confidence, you don’t have to suffer. Dr. Lawrence Wang and his medical team at Madison Square Dentistry, located in Manhattan, New York, provide noninvasive teeth whitening for patients of all ages. Call Dr. Wang’s office to learn more, or book an appointment online.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What is the KӧR teeth whitening system?

The KӧR® teeth whitening system whitens better than your average teeth-whitening products. That’s because KӧR whitening gel provides 6-10 hours of whitening activity, versus 25-35 minutes from lower-quality teeth whitening products.

Oxygen from KӧR bleaching gel dissolves into the teeth, eliminating stains for good. In fact, with periodic KӧR home maintenance, whiter teeth can last a lifetime. There’s no need for lasers or lights when choosing the KӧR teeth whitening system. A variety of KӧR systems are available.

What are the different KӧR whitening systems?

Dr. Wang works with you to determine which KӧR whitening system is the best match for your individual needs and the condition of your teeth. He may choose in-office whitening, have you whiten at home, or combine the two methods.

KӧR Ultra-T

The KӧR Ultra-T whitening system works well for exceptionally stained teeth, even tetracycline stains. When using this system, patients receive an in-office visit, 6-8 weeks of at-home whitening, a final office treatment, and periodic at-home maintenance.

KӧR Ultra

The KӧR Ultra whitening systems remove stubborn stains as well. This treatment consists of an in-office visit, 3-4 weeks of at-home whitening, a final in-office whitening treatment, and periodic at-home maintenance.

KӧR Max

KӧR Max is an effective whitening treatment for the typical dental patient. This treatment combines two weeks of at-home whitening with one in-office session and periodic at-home maintenance.

KӧR Home

When you’re seeking one of the best at-home whitening treatments on the market, KӧR Home whitening system is it. This treatment consistently yields superb results, and it offers both nighttime and daytime whitening options.

The KӧR home treatment system consists of two weeks of home treatments, and periodic at-home maintenance.

Which KӧR whitening system is right for me?

The whitening system that’s the best match for you depends on how stained your teeth are. Dr. Wang and his medical team help you choose a KӧR whitening system you’re most comfortable trying.

For light staining, the KӧR Home system may be all you need. Heavy staining might require in-office visits in addition to at-home treatments. Regardless of which system Dr. Wang recommends, the results will make you want to smile.

When you’re ready for a whiter smile, call Madison Square Dentistry to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.