Six Month Smiles


Six Month Smiles® Adult Braces

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you are not alone. Many adults do not pursue the straight teeth they’ve always wanted because they don’t have two years or more to spend in braces, and metal bars and brackets can be difficult to fit into professional and personal schedules. With 6 Month Smiles® Adult Braces, Dr. Wang is helping patients all around Manhattan, NYC achieve the straight, attractive smiles they desire—in less time than they ever thought possible!

Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and thin, tooth-colored wires to subtly straighten your teeth. Most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing braces! In addition to the convenience of less noticeable braces, the treatment time is drastically reduced. As the name suggests, the average Six Month Smiles case falls between just 4 and 9 months. Despite the short treatment, teeth are moved with low force and carefully designed technology, resulting in less discomfort than is normally associated with traditional braces.

Six Month Smiles consultations are always free at Madison Square Dentistry, and pressure free too! We also offer a complimentary professional strength teeth whitening kit to anyone who receives Six Month Smiles treatment.

What Makes Six Month Smiles So Revolutionary?

  • Treatment typically takes only six months
  • Clear or tooth-colored brackets and very thin wires make Six Month Smiles braces barely visible
  • The low force process and short overall treatment time results in increased safety and comfort, PLUS saved time and money
  • Six Month Smiles is often less expensive than traditional braces and veneers
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