Why You Shouldn't Ignore Those TMJ Symptoms

Without your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, you wouldn’t be able to eat, speak, or even yawn normally. The joint, located on each side of your jaw, functions as a sort of sliding hinge. It connects the jawbone to your skull, allowing for proper function and movement.

TMJ disorders, more commonly called “TMJ,” affect one or both of the joints. While they’re treatable, they can cause a range of symptoms and lead to complications.

TMJ symptoms

To diagnose TMJ you have to pay attention to the symptoms. Here are the most common ones:

These symptoms can stem from other conditions, which is why they’re typically written off as something else. At Madison Square Dentistry, we won't ignore your symptoms. We'll offer a proper diagnosis before the condition becomes serious.

TMJ complications

The longer the TMJ symptoms go unmanaged or treated, the greater your likelihood of complications. Especially if you have arthritis, a previous jaw injury, or connective tissue diseases. These conditions put you at higher risk for TMJ complications, like these:

While complications are rare they do happen. Don’t wait until your symptoms are unbearable, seek professional help as early as possible.

TMJ treatment

Treatment for TMJ tends to be milder and less invasive when addressed early on. Lifestyle changes and over-the-counter pain-reliever might suffice in the early stages. Counseling and other means of stress management may also help. Some of the more advanced TMJ treatment options for serious issues include:

Learn more about TMJ and ways to improve your overall oral health by scheduling an exam at Madison Square Dentistry. Dr. Lawrence Wang and our whole team would love to assist you.

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