Gum Disease and the Lanap® Laser: Here's What You Should Know

If you’ve been putting off treatment for gum disease because needles or anesthesia make you nervous, the modern Lanap® laser can put you at ease. With reduced pain and recovery time, this minimally invasive surgical procedure cleans and heals your teeth and gums before gum disease escalates to tooth loss.

Dr. Lawrence Wang at Madison Square Dentistry in the Flatiron District of New York City

provides these cutting-edge laser treatments to heal your mouth and protect your oral health. By repairing gum disease using the Lanap laser, Dr. Wang prevents pain and tooth loss in a compassionate and caring environment.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease, also called periodontitis, is an infection of the gum tissue that, without proper intervention, causes tooth and bone loss. Gum disease is avoidable with proper oral hygiene habits and regular dental cleanings.

Gum disease begins with a buildup of plaque on your teeth. Plaque is a clear film of bacteria that covers teeth, and when it isn’t thoroughly removed, it begins to harden and form a layer of tartar. The bacteria in plaque produce acid that, when left untreated, destroys the protective enamel of your teeth and promotes decay.

Once tooth decay sets in, it can create holes in the teeth. This is how cavities develop. This is also when you’re most likely to notice inflamed gums and bleeding during toothbrushing. After this first sign of gum disease appears, your gums begin receding from your teeth. This forms pockets at your gumline that are susceptible to storing bacteria. These tiny spaces are the perfect place for bacteria to live and grow, doing further damage.

The final stage of untreated gum disease is tooth and bone loss as the bacteria spreads. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, and it is entirely preventable. If you’ve developed gum disease, it is treatable, and Dr. Wang uses the highly effective Lanap laser.

What is the Lanap laser?

Using lasers to treat dental issues is now a common practice in the field of dentistry. Lasers use light to form energy that replaces scalpels and other medical instruments — the laser itself is the cutting instrument.

The Lanap® PerioLase Digital TruePulse™ laser is a minimally invasive  alternative to conventional gum disease surgery that treats and heals infected gums. This method is the only laser technique cleared by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration for the treatment of gum disease. The gentle Lanap laser system doesn’t require metal scalpels or stitches and prevents harmful bacteria from returning.

Why is the Lanap laser better?

Traditional method gum disease treatment can also damage healthy tissue, and the procedure can be painful. The Lanap treatment targets the source of pain and inflammation without removing or harming your healthy gum tissue.

Lanap cleans deep into the pockets of bacteria, treating the most severe cases of gum disease without requiring a lengthy recovery time. There’s no need for anesthesia, and the technology also minimizes bleeding and swelling.

Dr. Wang restores your smile and confidence without using aggressive surgical methods to treat gum disease. He uses the Lanap laser to carefully remove diseased gum tissue and clean tooth surfaces, allowing your gums to heal on cleaned, bacteria-free tooth surfaces and safely reattach to your teeth for a healthy mouth.

Don’t put off getting treatment for your gum disease. Make an appointment today by calling 212-213-4029 or by using our convenient online scheduling tool.

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