5 Great Benefits of Six Month Smiles® Adult Braces

Are you unhappy with your smile? Have you spent most of your life hiding your teeth when you laugh or talk? Maybe you didn’t have braces as a child and you feel it’s too late to correct any issues now that you’re older. Or perhaps you think that wearing braces is going to be uncomfortable and expensive.

These are all reasonable concerns, but there’s an option that may be just right for your situation. Six Month Smiles is an alternative to traditional metal braces. Whether you have poorly spaced, misaligned, or crooked teeth, Six Month Smiles can get you smiling confidently again.

Six Month Smiles is a short-term orthodontic treatment. The procedure basically takes the best aspects of braces and changes the method and the materials to make the process more effective for adults. Here are a few reasons why adults looking for straighter teeth should talk to Dr. Lawrence Wang and the team at Madison Square Dentistry about this treatment option. Six Month Smiles is:

1. Invisible

The biggest advantage of Six Month Smiles adult braces, and also the biggest difference from metal braces, is that they’re completely transparent. The brackets are clear and wires are the color of your teeth, so your braces are almost completely invisible even to someone right next to you. The appearance of braces is often one of the biggest barriers for adults who want or need braces. Nobody wants to feel like others are constantly looking at their teeth.

2. Faster

Another big advantage of Six Month Smiles is its accelerated timetable. Normal orthodontic treatment usually takes a couple of years at least, but Six Month Smiles treatment has an average duration of — you guessed it! — only six months. The reason this treatment is so much faster is because Six Month Smiles focuses mainly on your front teeth, the most visible part of your smile.

3. More comfortable

Six Month Smiles adult braces cause less discomfort than traditional braces. They move your teeth with carefully designed technology that requires less force, resulting in less pain than you might experience with metal braces. And, of course, given Six Month Smiles’ shorter treatment period, the risk of injury and problems with hygiene are reduced.

4. More affordable

Generally speaking, a Six Month Smiles treatment is cheaper than conventional metal braces or aligners because less time is involved. You make fewer visits to your orthodontist, for instance, than you would if you opt for traditional braces. Keep in mind, too, that insurance may cover a portion of your expenses for orthodontic treatment. The team at Madison Square Dentistry can work with you to determine how Six Month Smiles or any other orthodontic treatment fits into your budget.

5. More convenient

Need braces but don’t feel like you have the time to commit to a couple of years of conventional orthodontic treatment? Concerned about how much work you’ll miss going to the orthodontist to have your braces adjusted — not to mention the pain or discomfort that may accompany each visit? Six Month Smiles gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of braces with less disruption to your busy schedule.

And did we mention that Six Month Smiles adult braces are practically invisible?

If you’re not yet sure whether Six Month Smiles is right for you, schedule an appointment and let us help you. At Madison Square Dentistry, we specialize in creating perfect smiles and we would love to help you with yours. Call us today or book online to plan your visit.

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